I loved the class overall and can't say enough good things about the facilitators. They were very knowledgeable and presented the information professionally, but in a way that was also very personable. They used examples from personal experience that kept the class from feeling like a lecture of any sort. Even when information was some that people typically hear regarding strengthening relationships, they were all good reminders and none of it felt cheesy like some might expect from a couple’s class.


A personal goal was strengthening couple communication skills, something we've definitely improved overall. In speaking for myself, I know I've been able to make more of an effort to be patient and pause before responding heatedly in the moment. I think that also kind of speaks to my other goal of "learning to correct behaviors that could negatively affect the relationship." Discussing stonewalling/flooding at length was a huge benefit. We've obviously experienced those, but never explored the "phenomenon" which will be really helpful in conflicts to come.


I would definitely recommend this class to any couple, whether they think they need the relationship advice or not 😉


- Katelyn and Kerra


This is a really practical and helpful course. We both learned a great deal of helpful knowledge about how to have a better relationship within a family. We also found a number of effective skills to improve our relationship.


We are very impressed by the truth the facilitators told us. For example, if there are some difficulties happening, it should be WE vs. difficulties, instead of One vs. Another. We are finding better ways to express ourselves. For example, try to give constructive suggestions instead of complaining.


What’s more, it’s really good to get used to saying “Thank you” and being appreciated every day!


Your helpful course is greatly appreciated!


- Una and Young


After taking the ShowMe Healthy Relationships course, my significant other and I have improved our relationship greatly. The portion of the course that influenced us the most was the conflict resolution section. Learning to resolve conflict in better manners, such as taking a break and using specific phrases that encourage resolution.


Our facilitators were great, I felt immediately comfortable with them. We enjoyed hearing their representative stories and how they were able to become closer with their partners using the skills we were learning.




SMHR - Testimonial #4I thoroughly enjoyed the PICK a Partner class right from the first meeting with the wonderful program coach for intake to the very last word of the last class. I feel that it was a valuable time investment in my current and future relationships. The class helped identify relationship pathways that lead to healthier relationships and while the focus is mainly on romantic relationships, some principles taught in the class could be applied to other types of relationships.


I truly learned so much - not the least of which was having my eyes opened to a world of better relationship standards! My biggest takeaway was that there is a whole other approach to the beginning stages of a relationship - a much healthier approach, that can help ensure the success of a couple or help determine when it’s time to part ways. We discussed numerous nuances of a relationship dynamic, some I had not even given any thought to previously. Being a part of this class prompted me to think about the possible reasons for past relationship failure and my own role and actions/reactions which lead to opening my mind to ways I could have handled things differently and would do differently in future relationships.


I immensely value the input from the class facilitators and the other class participants. The facilitators did a terrific job of keeping the class on topic and moving along at an appropriate pace. I highly recommend this class to any single looking to raise the bar for future relationships.


- Ronda