Our Classes

We offer 7 free educational classes to help Missourians strengthen their couple relationships and build their family’s future.

Through our core classes, participants gain knowledge and skills to improve their current couple relationship OR select the best partner for a healthier future relationship:

  • Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work is a 10-hour course (generally over 5 weeks) to help couples enhance their marriage or couple relationship by teaching them how to build their friendship, manage conflict, and work as a team to improve their relationship.
  • PICK a Partner is a 10-hour course (generally over 5 weeks) to help singles choose the right partner for a happy, stable relationship. It teaches single adults 5 key things to look for as they explore potential relationships. PICK also teaches participants how to pace their relationship to avoid “blind love.”

After completing a core course, participants can work with a Program Coach to sign up for other FREE SMHR classes that they might find helpful:

  • Strong Parents, Stable Children is an 8-hour course (generally over 4 weeks) that provides helpful tips and resources about building positive relationships with children, understanding how children learn and feel, and responding positively to children. Handouts and resources are given to parents with children of all ages.
  • Smart Steps is an 8-hour course (generally over 4 weeks) that helps couples who have children from past relationships and may be in a stepfamily. The topics include tackling common stepfamily myths, the real experiences of living in a stepfamily, building caring relationships between stepfamily members, and establishing healthy rules and boundaries.
  • Taking Care of You: Body, Mind, and Spirit is an 8-hour course (generally over 4 weeks) helps individuals understand and manage stress and increase positivity and well-being.
  • Making Money Count is an 8-hour course (generally over 4 weeks) that teaches practical aspects of personal finance. Topics include: communicating about money, creating a spending and savings plan, and understanding how to use insurance, credit, and banking services. The workshops include presentations, real life examples, and worksheets, which allow families to apply financial education immediately after learning the content.
  • Economic Stability and Job Skills Training is offered one-on-one by Program Coaches who help individuals with areas that may be challenging, such as creating a resume and applying for a job, interviewing skills, and tips for beginning and keeping a new job. A Program Coach will be there for guidance and to help you find other resources that can assist you in ways that you need.

Our goal is to help you build and maintain strong, healthy family relationships. Our FREE CLASSES are research-based and will promote healthy relationship skills and support family well-being.