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Eating Relationship Marshmallows: A Two-Way Street

While observing a class of 8-year-olds recently, I learned an important principle for romantic relationships through an object lesson the teacher used. Two of the kids were each given a long stick with a marshmallow on the end and were told that they could eat the marshmallows, but they could only use one hand and…
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Let Me See it Your Way

One of the biggest myths we are told about relationships is that if you and your partner fight, your relationship is doomed. However, this idea doesn’t make a lot of sense, and let me tell you why: Take, for example, any stranger you start getting to know. You can expect that this person is going to…
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How to Talk with Your Child’s Other Parents: Top 3 Things You Can Do

Relationships might not always last, but being a parent is forever. If either you or your ex have begun a new relationship, this becomes complicated because now there are more adults interacting with your child. Though it may be tough, it is important to maintain open and supportive communication with your child’s other parents. What…
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