Recasting: Individual Happiness & Health

Happiness: many of us strive for this constantly, searching for a solution to achieve lifelong bliss. Its enemies: fear, anger, grief, and despair, common forms of reaction to threat. These emotions seem to so easily slip into our daily lives, distracting us from our search for happiness. In addition, these emotions also have negative consequences…
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The Importance of Vulnerability in Life and Love

Vulnerability-- many of us cringe when we hear this word, or maybe that’s just me. To me, vulnerability means getting spiritually naked in front of a person and baring your story raw and unedited. I texted a few of my friends to get their opinion on what vulnerability means to them, and they had a…
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Investing in Your Relationship is an Investment in Your Health

As a society, we generally want to change two things: the health of our bodies and the health of our relationships. For example, in any given year, Americans are spending millions of dollars on health and nutrition programs. As technology advances, so do our abilities to strive for better health. Devices such as Fitbit, which…
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