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Friendship: The Foundation of a Solid Relationship

When was the last time you entered a house, apartment, or other building and thought “that is a good looking foundation!”? Unless you lay concrete foundations for a living, it is probably not a common thing you think about. We tend to take the foundations of buildings for granted, focusing instead on decorations, colors, or…
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Forgiveness in Relationships

  Wouldn’t it be nice if a blog post like this could tell you how to avoid all problems, disagreements, conflicts, and annoyances in relationships?  Unfortunately, no one has a cure for those all-too-common things in relationships.  So, the next best option is to learn how to overcome the problems, disagreements, conflicts, and annoyances, while…
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Eating Relationship Marshmallows: A Two-Way Street

While observing a class of 8-year-olds recently, I learned an important principle for romantic relationships through an object lesson the teacher used. Two of the kids were each given a long stick with a marshmallow on the end and were told that they could eat the marshmallows, but they could only use one hand and…
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