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Fielding a Winning Relationship: The Playbook to Success

For some of us, romantic relationships are a mysterious swamp: Why can’t we understand what our partner wants in a relationship? To clarify, it’s not that many of us don’t want to make our partners happy, sometimes when we hear words like active listening or being more emotional, we usually get confused on how to apply these vague…
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Investing in Your Relationship is an Investment in Your Health

As a society, we generally want to change two things: the health of our bodies and the health of our relationships. For example, in any given year, Americans are spending millions of dollars on health and nutrition programs. As technology advances, so do our abilities to strive for better health. Devices such as Fitbit, which…
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Let Me See it Your Way

One of the biggest myths we are told about relationships is that if you and your partner fight, your relationship is doomed. However, this idea doesn’t make a lot of sense, and let me tell you why: Take, for example, any stranger you start getting to know. You can expect that this person is going to…
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Stress, how can we overcome it?

It is well-established that stress can be bad. No one wakes up in the morning wanting to be stressed. However, we can’t avoid stress in life, and it can have an impact on romantic relationships. Research has shown that when people get stressed out, they usually focus on themselves. For example, during conflict, when a…
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