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Tips for Finding Your “Tinderella” and Other Online Dating Advice

**The author of this blog is not affiliated with any dating website or mobile app. Any website or app listed below is to provide examples to the reader and does not benefit the author in any way.** Many of the participants in our singles class called PICK a Partner have asked for information about dating…
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Coping with Life’s Lemons

There are many different situations in life that require coping, such as breaking up after dating for several years, getting into a car accident without having insurance, your father developing dementia and needing constant care, the death of a pet, increasing demands at work, being diagnosed with cancer, and many other instances. Coping is what…
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The Hollywood Effect: Beliefs about Relationships

My dad gave me two pieces of relationship advice to me when I was in high school: “if it was meant to be, it will work out” and “relationships are hard work.” The advice he gave me reflects his own beliefs about relationships, but they don’t match. The first piece of advice is a destiny…
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Mastering Our Anger to Keep Our Relationships Happy

Many of us would agree that fighting with our partner or friend is never fun, but, unfortunately, fights are unavoidable in relationships. There are steps that we can take to lessen our anger during fights, help us solve conflicts better, and keep our relationships happy. Fights can happen when two people have different ideas about…
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