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Dating As We Age

Throughout my time teaching our singles class, PICK a Partner, at ShowMe Healthy Relationships, I have met an array of wonderful people. These people are smart, funny, and eager to learn about dating and relationships! No matter their differences, the eagerness is there…especially for those age 50 years and up. Why? Dating changes as we…
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Empty Nesters: Now what?

As I reflect on a recent relocation for work and what this move may entail for myself, my thoughts cannot help but stray back home to my parents as their house became an “empty nest.” Because let’s be honest, I wouldn’t be here without them. When the last child (or only child) moves out of…
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Grandparents as Parents

Grandparents… grandma and grandpa, ice cream trips, Sunday visits, and sneaking candy. For some of us this scene is full of warm, fuzzy feelings. However, many do not experience the grandparenting scene in this way. For some, grandparenting really means “parenting” and it is not always sunshine and daisies. Over 40% of grandparents in the…
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Recasting: Individual Happiness & Health

Happiness: many of us strive for this constantly, searching for a solution to achieve lifelong bliss. Its enemies: fear, anger, grief, and despair, common forms of reaction to threat. These emotions seem to so easily slip into our daily lives, distracting us from our search for happiness. In addition, these emotions also have negative consequences…
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